Dear Sirs:


My family and I wish to express our inner most appreciation for all the services and care that my son, Frederick Jefferson (jr.) have received from your nursing agency. Since September 2nd of 2006, my son returned home from the hospital with Duchene’s muscular dystrophy, APNT has continuously provided us with very skilled and competent nurses that have met all the nursing needs and activities of daily living needs for my son.

The nursing scheduling and staffing have been simply wonderful. It’s like a family and we owe our gratitude to the nursing agency, APNT, for all their effort. We hope that this care will continue even as my son gets older and faces all the challenges that come with his diagnosis.

Once again thanks to all the APNT team.

Frederick Jefferson Sr. (Dad)

2500 Mchenry Street
Baltimore. MD. 21223

Ainsworth & APNT,
Thanks for the extra work in getting us nursing.
We really appreciate it!
The Taylors