Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who will take care of my child?
APNT, Inc utilizes the services of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses  (RN), specialized in the care of pediatric clients.  Regardless of the complexity of the diagnoses, our licensed caregivers are equipped to render the best possible care to your child.

2.  Who do I contact if I have a medical question?
In the rare instance where the nurse who is working with your child is unable to answer your medical question our team of registered nurses on staff will get you the answer or direct you to the appropriate party.  The nurse in the home is qualified to speak with your child’s Primary Care Physician to facilitate the continuity of care that will best meet your child’s needs.

3.  Are you available 24/7?
Our phones are answered 24/7 by our on-call staff. We pride ourselves in responding to your calls within an hour.  A nurse who can resolve most urgent issues operates our on-call lines.  If there is an issue that cannot be resolved by the on-call personnel, the administrator will be contacted to get your issue resolved in a timely manner.

4.  I feel stuck in the middle, between the hospital and insurance company?  Help!
APNT, Inc. takes the stress out of the transition from hospital to homecare for our parents.  Our nurse managers coordinate care with the hospital discharge team and your payer source; whether it is Maryland Medicaid, MCO or Private Insurance.  Our goal is to ensure your child receives the benefits he or she is entitled to and that will be of the most benefit to his or her quality of life.  Give APNT a call, let us take the weight of the transition off your shoulders.